Advanced Comparative Islamic Studies (MA)

 Subject Core IslamicCore IslamicComparative Social SciencesDisciplinary Focus/ Self-Guided
Year 1   Credits 3321
Term 1 


Usul al-Fiqh

Comparative Theories & Methods

Guided self-study
Term 2FiqhUsul al-FiqhComparative Theories & MethodsGuided self-study
Term 3FalsafaKalamComparative PhilosophyGuided self-study
Summer (in Istanbul) TasawwufTBAComparative Psychology & MysticismGuided self-study
Year 2Term 1 ‘Ilm al-Hadith‘Ulum al-QuranComparative HermeneuticsGuided self-study
Term 2‘Ilm al-Hadith‘Ulum al-QuranComparative Philosophy of ScienceGuided self-study
Term 3

Thesis is due at end of Term 3.

Possible extensions for those until end of summer for extenuating circumstances.



Total Credits= 120