The Istanbul Circle is the research wing of Usul Academy. an international forum for academics, ulema and scholars of Islam who are interested in crafting a uniquely Muslim approach to the social sciences.

We seek to engage academics and scholars from diverse institutions, universities, and traditional madrasas and provide a forum where they can pose questions that are most relevant in our current times but the answers to which can be immeasurably enriched through resort to the Islamic scholarly tradition.


What is Multiplexity?

The Istanbul Circle is grounded in a paradigm of multiplexity. The paradigms upon which the social sciences are grounded and once deemed unquestionable are now more questioned than ever before. Recently, in the search for alternative paradigms, the world view of Islam has come to the fore again, especially among Muslims, as one of the most promising ways of thinking. Academics who continue their studies in various parts of the world have put forward new approaches inspired by the Islamic worldview and its scientific tradition in order to solve or overcome the aforementioned crisis in Western social sciences. Multiplexity has been revealed precisely for this purpose.

Multiplexity is an alternative paradigm rooted in the Islamic intellectual tradition and is a multilevel framework for the study of human action and society, one that can serve as the basis for all of the social scientific disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, economics, and politics.

Multiplexity diagram

“Multiplexity offers an alternative worldview to the present hegemonic reductionist perspectives.”

Recep Şentürk