Summer Suhba in Istanbul

The Summer Suhba program is an annual 3-week retreat in Istanbul integrated into the Honors Program in Comparative Islamic Studies (BA). It consists of the study of select texts, immersive travel in and around Istanbul and Turkey, and spiritual visits (ziyārah) with distinguished scholars.

The objective is to:

  1. Foster a sense of fellowship among its global cohort of students.
  2. Nurture the student’s spiritual development.
  3. Teach students key texts in person with distinguished scholars.
  4. Cultivate a strong bond of brotherhood and sisterhood or fellowship among the students.
  5. Immerse students in the important architectural wonders of the Ottoman period to appreciate a sense of beauty and order.

The retreat is mandatory in the first year and last year of the four year Comparative Islamic Studies BA and optional in the second and third years.

Academic Arabic Preparatory Program: A retreat is also mandatory for those admitted to the Academic Arabic preparatory program as complete beginners. However, in this case it is 8 weeks of intensive Arabic study in Istanbul. More details can be found here.