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What is Usul Academy?

Why Usul Academy?

Amr Egypt

“What is is being offered at Usul Academy is not only an accurate intellectual representation of our tradition, but also a practical and spiritual one. Two aspects of Usul really stand out: suhba and pedagogy. In a short amount of time, where physical interaction is minimal, students have been able to build lasting relationships amongst themselves and the teachers virtually. Moreover, the teachers are incredibly committed to accurately present the content of our tradition while being considerate of each student’s learning capacity. The embodiment of Usul Academy’s ethos is apparent when dealing not only with the teachers, but the staff members as well. They have been both highly attentive and responsive when dealing with students’ feedback and inquiries. I have never encountered a learning atmosphere committed to excellence like Usul Academy before. It has been a challenging, rigorous, and worthwhile experience, and I highly recommend enrolling at Usul Academy to pursue a life of learning!”

Wassim United States

"When I started medical school, I could no longer pursue my study of Islam in a traditional full-time capacity. I knew I wanted to continue studying, but I could not find a program that fit my hectic schedule. When I heard about Usul Academy, it sounded like the perfect fit for me. I found the component of traditional Islamic disciplines to be very rigorous at Usul Academy. The accompanying courses also provided a contextualized study of the typical humanities studied in the Western Academy, and this supplemented the curriculum perfectly. The teachers are well-known experts in their fields and they have demonstrated a dedication to providing the students with a high-quality education. They're very accessible despite the online platform, and Usul Academy runs a tight ship to maintain this privilege. During my time with the institution so far, I’ve found myself making significant progress in my ‘Ilm without having to deal with the scheduling conflicts of being a full-time medical student. I strongly recommend Usul Academy to all Muslim students and working professionals."

Mariam Yuen Yee Hong Kong

"The Usul curriculum is unique because it caters to the challenges of our time while being rooted in the tradition. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from dedicated teachers who are grounded in and have integrated both the sacred and academic knowledge. In their persons and teachings, I see inspiring examples of how to live with yaqeen in today's world. I am also honored to be part of an online community of students with a common purpose, and I look forward to meeting my teachers and peers at the summer Suhbah program! " Mariam Yuen Yee Hong Kong

Rohban United States

"In a world of rapid technological development, what constituted as effective education before is now considered obsolete. Effective education can now, for better or for worse, be accessed in the palm of our hands and in front of a monitor. Rather than disparage it wholeheartedly, Usul Academy recognizes this phenomenon and has brilliantly appropriated it in delivering a serious, rigorous, and nuanced understanding of the Islamic tradition. For those college students and working professionals wanting to further their knowledge of the Islamic tradition as well as those wanting to start on this path, Usul Academy is the answer. With proficient teachers well versed in both the Islamic and Western Traditions, the student will certainly reap a holistic discernment of our faith and the modern world."

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    Why Usūl Academy?

    • We offer extended learning experiences in Islamic disciplines following the classical Ottoman madrasah curriculum.
    • We are home to a distinguished community of scholars from around the world.
    • We offer a blended education experience, combining online and face-to-face classes.
    • We bring our students and scholars together in intensive summer retreats in Istanbul.
    • We adopt a holistic approach to education combining academic and spiritual development.
    • We offer social sciences classes from a comparative and critical perspective.
    • We use state-of-the-art e-learning technology similar to the EdX model.