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Khalil Center is a psychological and spiritual community wellness center advancing the professional practice of psychology rooted in Islamic principles. An initiative designed to address the widespread prevalence of social, psychological, familial, relational and spiritual issues of Muslim communities.

Khalil Center’s approach emphasizes: psychological reconstruction, behavioral reformation and spiritual elevation. Khalil Center utilizes faith-based approaches rooted in Islamic theological concepts while integrating the science of psychology towards addressing psychological, spiritual and communal health.

Al-Madina Institute was founded by a group of American Muslims for the purpose of providing educational opportunities and enhancing spiritual awareness within our communities. Our goal is to make the sacred knowledge accessible to individuals to cultivate their capacity for self-improvement and service to the community.

For over a decade, Al-Madina has served communities globally via its various programs and initiatives. Al-Madina initiatives include Al-Madina Studios, Arabic Online, Arabic Online KIDS, Foundations, Al-Madina Family Program, Pearls Of The Quran, ImanWire Podcast, Al-Madina LIVE, and Al-Madina Publications.

The Center for Excellence in Education (EDEP) is an extra-curricular educational institution for classical Islamic disciplines and social sciences. The center is based in Istanbul and follows the traditional madrasah curriculum, with a comprehensive and holistic view of education. The center was established  in 2014 with the aim of reviving the traditions of Islamic Civilization through the dissemination of knowledge.

It offers classes for female students studying at universities in Istanbul on auxiliary disciplines such as Arabic grammar, classical Islamic disciplines such as fiqh, tafsir, hadith, kalam, as well as social sciences. EDEP aims to combine the knowledge of Islamic disciplines with language skills through its distinguished academic Arabic and English classes. Since its establishment, it has proven that it has filled a gap in the field of higher education in Turkey, where students can pursue traditional Islamic disciplines in parallel with their modern university program.

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